What’s Next

This is a list of the next items to be developed. They will be roughly in this order, but not strictly. Feel free to add ideas in the comments section below of things you’d like this app to be able to do.

Additions to DTADroid Pro
– Add the ability to set custom values for dial/gauge ranges, as well as warning and danger levels
– Enable colour changes to dial/gauge when warning or danger ranges entered
– Enable CAN data stream support


3 thoughts on “What’s Next

  1. Andrew parker

    Hi,loving this so far! I plan to use this as a dashboard for my car using a tablet and lay the tablet sideways…is there anyway of modifying it so I can put some other gauges on to the dash whilst sideways?,customise what i can put on the dash screen as oil and coolant temp rpm and speed can only be viewed…there is no option to scroll back to the circular gauges when the tablet is laid on its side? These options would be better. Keep up the good work,many thanks Andrew Parker


    1. sparrowdclxvi Post author

      Thanks for the kind words Andrew.
      The free version can’t be modified, but the paid for version can. Just long press on the screen, and you’ll enter edit mode. This allows you to add screens, change screens, and remove screens.
      Hope that helps.


  2. mr potatoe

    Loving the work. Would be really cool if you could make it so you can see the data logs that the dta has already taken. So for example if your out and you haven’t had the phone connected but notice somethings wrong, if you could stop, plug in and read the data logs without having to go home and plug the laptop in.



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