First Launch

On first launch, two messages appear. These are:

  • a notification that there is a demonstration project created so DTADroid can be explored without connecting to a DTA ECU. Click OK to dismiss it.
  • the change log. This will show all the changes made in each version. Click OK to dismiss it.

The main dashboard of the app is now displayed.

Initial App Settings

Before you can connect to the ECU, you have to set up how you want to connect.

To set up the Bluetooth device, ensure the device is paired, and Bluetooth is switched on. The required Bluetooth device can now be selected.

To set up the USB connection, all that is required is to select the baud rate.

The app is now ready to connect the a DTA ECU.

Connect to ECU

To connect to the ECU, simply select the Connect to ECU option on the menu.

App Settings

All the app settings have documentation in the app. If anything isn’t clear, please contact us.

Dyno run video

Below is a video of a couple of dyno runs captured on the device.