Welcome to DTADroid – the Android app for DTA ECUs

DTADroid is an Android app for use with the DTA S series of ECUs. It reads data from the ECU, and displays the data in a series of gauges.


  • Fully customisable dash board that supports adding, removing, resizing, and drag-and-drop of gauges¹
  • Multiple pages accessible by swiping
  • Logging of data at 10 Hz to the devices internal memory.¹
  • Powerful graphical log viewer, including while the log file is being recorded¹
  • Pinch to zoom while viewing log, and swipe scrolling

Screenshot_2014-08-11-21-48-48 Screenshot_2014-08-11-21-48-55 Screenshot_2014-08-11-21-49-01 Screenshot_2014-08-11-21-49-11


¹ Only available in DTADroid Pro